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What You Need to Know About Humidifier

A Humidifier is a machine that boosts the humidity in a room or the whole building. In term of health, this equipment is considered as a machine which adds moisture to the air inside the home to avoid dryness that can lead to irritation in many parts of the body. The humidifier works better for the dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. below are what you should know about the humidifier with the questions and the answers;

What water to use for a humidifier?

Water depends on the models. Some work with tap water. Others will require sterile water or boiled and then cooled water. It depends on both the type of product you have purchased and your health and comfort expectations.

How long to leave a humidifier?

Do not look at the operating time, but the humidity of the place. So, for some, it will only take a few hours a day to humidify correctly. In others, the device will have to work longer. But there is no need to leave it on overnight. This is why you should prefer an air humidifier with a screen displaying the humidity or have a hygrometer next to it.

How to use an air humidifier?

To start, you must check the installation location of the device and its operating mode (with a programmer or humidity sensor?). It is preferable to position it in the center of the room for better diffusion of humidity. Avoid putting it too close to a wall, wooden furniture or a radiator. Then, rely on the instructions, to regularly fill the tank, do general maintenance (and especially the filter if there is one) and the program.

Where to place baby room humidifier?

Above all, avoid positioning it against the crib, despite what the advertising photos show. Place it out of reach of the child and about 1m from the ground.

How to maintain a humidifier?

Maintenance is mandatory, but it depends on the type of device you have purchased. If it is so necessary, it is that a dirty, poorly maintained humidifier can be found to diffuse vapor loaded with microbes and thus participate in the proliferation of diseases. Using a humidifier in poor conditions can, therefore, cause more problems than it solves and nobody wants that, in his house or worse in the baby’s room. To clean it, it is imperative to refer to the instructions. Depending on the case, you will need to descale, disinfect or maybe change the filters.

How does a humidifier work?

The internal principle is straightforward. The device will allow the diffusion of the vapor, continuous or not. Water vapor can be produced by ultrasound, heat, by evaporation. Depending on the model, the triggering of steam is caused by a programmer (with start-up times) or with a detector. The second solution is preferred because the humidifier only works when the humidity drops too low.

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