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How to Install Your Security Camera Wiring

Setting up a wired security system on your property can take your security to the next level. Although doing the wiring of the wired camera system takes time and effort, but it does not mean that you cannot do it on your own. Even if you are doing it for the first time, you can do it correctly with correct guidance and instructions.

As labor service costs are high and setting up wired networks on your property may take time; therefore, labor costs will be high. You may want to do it yourself to avoid the labor cost or maybe just because you want to do it. No matter what the reason, this step-by-step instruction guide will help you to get it done yourself.

Steps to Follow: 


Efficient planning is the first and foremost step for a process to be successful. Choose a spot where you want your camera to be. Make sure that it has an electricity source near. With the help of a Chalk, draw the way you want your wires to pass from.

Be Cautious

Make sure that all electricity sources are turned off value are doing the wiring. Your wiring map should not be on a place where people pass or at a place where your wire can get exposed to extreme temperatures or sharp objects.


If your wired network requires the wires to pass through the walls, drilling can be the most efficient method to do so. It would be best if you had a powerful drilling machine for this purpose. Drilling with a good quality machine ensures that your wall gets as minor damage as possible. Drill a bit larger hole than your immediate requirement. This will help you pass more wires from it if needed in the future.


Most of the security systems use multiple cameras, and therefore it is recommended to label the wires. Labeling the wires help identify which wire belongs to which camera. If any damage or any camera malfunction, the electrician would only have to check the specific wire if labeled. 


Once your wire network is all set, all you have to do is connect the wires to their concerned ports in the router and the camera. Wire connections will provide you with strong signals and a reliable security system.


Even if your camera is all set and working, it is very important to secure your wiring system with the protecting cover. Protecting car versus the Wire from accidental damage. It also keeps the wires secure from someone who tries to cut them to disable the cameras.

We hope that the above instructions proved to be helpful to you. If you follow the instructions as told, you will get a perfect wiring network at no labor cost. Saving the labor cost can spare you some bucks on the renovation. In the end, doing it yourself leaves you with a good feeling.

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